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And political protestors – incensed by a controversial presidential election over Christmas – have attacked camps and set infected patients loose. There are already UN Peacekeepers working alongside.

Central Texas Harley Davidson Round Rock Anderson, who opened the day by getting hit in the head with a rock thrown off a tire from another. standing behind him as he beat Screamin’ Eagle Harley-Davidson rider Andrew Hines in the final. The NHS estimates that statins save 7,000 lives a year in the UK. But the central problem for patients is

‘In these, data is beamed directly from the sensor into a reader, which can be set so the user is alerted if their blood glucose level is rising or falling,’ says Sue. Once glucose levels are assessed.

Surgeons in India have removed what they claim to be is the largest brain tumour ever. A 31-year-old man had reportedly left the growth to its own devices for 20 years because he was too afraid and.

A new microchip is giving handful of patients with memory-loss are getting a boost to their recall as scientists work to develop a ‘prosthetic’ to improve their brain function. Funded by Defense.

Maple-leaf extract is a ‘plant-based Botox’, researchers claim. Leaves of the Canadian trees, which produce the natural sweetener maple syrup, contain compounds that prevent wrinkles forming, a study.

That legal weed you’ll be able to buy in California on New Year’s Day may not be as green as it seems. Any marijuana sold when recreational sales become legal January 1 in the nation’s most populous.

Listening to yoga music before bed could prevent deadly heart attacks, new research suggests. Hearing soothing, meditative tunes just before a person nods off increases their heart rate variability, a.

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Millions of patients across the UK are being left without a GP at night, an investigation has revealed. At least six health boards were forced to operate out-of-hours services without a single family.

Aspirin taken by thousands of people to thin the blood and ward off strokes could double the risk of heart attacks, experts have warned. A study of 30,000 NHS patients found those with atrial.

Sasha settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. In 2012, she set up the website My Beautiful Eyes to support other victims of laser surgery and claims she’s been contacted ‘by thousands of people’.

Mrs Debling, who has set up a business called Kestrel Design, which covers branding and graphics, as well as documenting her cancer journey online, said: ‘Without a stem cell transplant I could have.

Scientists agree – and they warn the insurmountable pressure of taking care of the house, kids, their partner, and themselves inflicts an enormous toll on their health. According to a new study of.

FIZZ CAN GIVE MORE THAN A HANGOVER Britons’ thirst for bubbles shows no sign of slowing, with imports of sparkling wines such as prosecco, cava and champagne set to reach 15 million cases per year by.

Healthy people who take a daily aspirin to prevent heart attacks in later life may be doing more harm than good, research suggests. Aspirin – which is a blood thinner – has for decades been given to.

People who suffer from anxiety may take antidepressants or another medicine to treat their brain. But a new study suggests gut bacteria actually plays a major role in anxious feelings. A team of.

There is no set length of time you should take it. My eldest HRT patient is 91. Menopause guidelines both at home and abroad clearly state that HRT may be taken for as long as necessary, although the.

John set up a charity to raise awareness and improve treatment (caudwelllyme.com). Providing earlier diagnosis and treatment leads to better patient outcomes by reducing long-term complications.

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Suicide may run in families that tend to suffer from mental illnesses, a new study finds. The tenth leading cause of death in the US, 47,173 Americans died by suicide in 2017. The new study, conducted.

ABC foreign correspondent James Longman revealed he once considered taking his own life in a heart-wrenching interview on Life After Suicide. At just 32, Longman has risen and prominence as a.